This is for YOU. Whether you choose De-armouring, or Empowerment, The fire within, or Healing Shibari, everything is there to serve you. Whether it's a lesson, an experience, or something designed for you personally, it's a safe space to rest, or face your fears, or experience something totally new. A guiding hand tailored to all your needs, wherever you are on your journey.

What My Clients Say About Me

I received Marco sensitively, with deep attention and an open heart. His sustained strength gives confidence and grounding to help you move even further into surrender. His softness makes it melt and flow even more. De-armouring is an art. And Marco understands and speaks this language fluently. Whatever he was allowed to invite in me will undoubtedly receive my full YES. And this yes I say in a deep voice, sunken in my strength, open in my flow of life energy. Thank you! Marco.
My sweet little inner girl, yes you are alloud to be here. I hear you I see you and I am staying to listen. How much do I have to protect you? What needs to be done to give you enough security to get outside of your self, can I handle that? Yes I hear myself say lovingly inviting and gently I let you come out My body screams and gets defensive Then there is a helping hand loving, soft, warm I don't have to do it alone. and then slowly space arises, to feel myself again, that i'm ok when i cry when i run away when i fight and stand up for myself, when i allow myself to be a woman to be free yes to be me. The session I received from you was pure loving and healing, Thank you Marco for your warm, safe bedding and support for the femininity in myself.
With Marco I felt like a woman and trusted hands. He creates a safe environment, feels pure and is exactly where he is needed. In words as well as physically he navigated me deeper into myself. He works in harmony and from love. The session gave me a very nice insight. I could really feel the pain of an emotionally unavailable father for the first time. That part has now been seen and now the healing can begin. Thank you Marco
life, sex & pleasure coach
I was totally unfamiliar with de-armouring until I ended up on Marco's site. I immediately felt that this was meant for me, I had no doubts, but I thought it was exciting. With Marco I immediately felt familiar and safe. He gives peace, trust, attention and respect. Finally I could open up to my vulnerable self, the hidden emotions and other blockages. What a session brought about for me I found overwhelmingly so much feeling, pain and emotions. After a session I feel free, light, invigorated, and curious about what else will come my way, I can handle it! Looking forward to the next session, to be able to let go and feel and discover myself again. Thank you Marco, for your trust and for having crossed my path!