Transformational bodywork
Coaching & Shibari

Voel je welkom

In mijn praktijk bied ik een safe space voor tranformatie,

 autentieke uitdrukking, healing en persoonlijke groei.

Mijn werk is geboren na een aantal jaren van zelf exploratie en transformatie. Opleidingen in dearmouring, somatic consent, sexual healing, praat therapie, shibari, space holding en schaduwwerk hebben samen een prachtige healing modaliteit gecreëerd.

Mijn diepe en gegronde aanwezigheid vol liefde en compassie en jaren van transformationeel werken met grote groepen mensen is wat mij onderscheid van de rest.

I will guide you through conscious touch, breathwork and movement deeper within yourself to your own truth and awareness. If there are areas in your life that you are unable to change, I can assist you in transforming your future.

Ik heb een diep gewortelde passie om mensen te begeleiden in hun eigen transformatie proces, om samen diep te gaan om naar het oppervlak te brengen wat gezien en gehoord moet worden om te intergreren en accepteren wie we werkelijk zijn.


This is for YOU. Whether you choose De-armouring, or Empowerment, The fire within, or Healing Shibari, everything is there to serve you. Whether it's a lesson, an experience, or something designed for you personally, it's a safe space to rest, or face your fears, or experience something totally new. A guiding hand tailored to all your needs, wherever you are on your journey.


Somatic empowerment & 1 op 1 Coaching


De-armouring was voor mij de weg terug naar mijzelf. Nog nooit eerder had ik iets ervaren wat direct zoveel resultaat had gegeven. Emoties, oude trauma’s, het onvermogen om te ontvangen, al mijn blokkades kwamen los, ik mocht mijzelf zijn.
Dearmouring not only works on our body but also on a mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. At the start of this lies that we build armor throughout our lives. Armor that we store in our body, resulting in blockages.

For a long time I had trouble receiving or showing myself to someone, asking for something I needed? No way! I was far too afraid of rejection and judgement. No then I it is better to give, that also felt much safer, doing as much as possible for others and hoping that it yields something, maybe even love. Of course it doesn't work that way but my brain thought it did, only when I learned how to feel my own boundaries and indicate them, and that it's ok to ask someone to do something for you without anything in return or a feeling of needing to give back because you I thought It should be that way only then I could truly receive something for myself.

Healing shibari allows the body and mind to surrender to the core essence of being yourself from the inside out. From this place, apart from the ego, witness your patterns and limiting beliefs about yourself, and reclaim ownership and control over yourself as a completely free person.

Nice to
meet you.

I look forward to changing your life together.