& Shibari


In my practice I offer a safe space for transformation, authentic expression, healing and personal growth.

My deep and strong presence full of love and compassion and years of transformational work with large groups of people is what sets me
from the rest, and most of my knowledge comes from personal experience.

I will guide you through conscious touch, breathwork and movement deeper within yourself to your own truth and awareness. If there are areas in your life that you are unable to change, I can assist you in transforming your future.

My work was born after several years of self exploration and transformation. Training courses in de-armouring, somatic consent, sexual healing, talk therapy, shibari, space holding and shadow work have created a beautiful healing modality.

I have a deep rooted passion to guide people in their own transformation process, to go deep together to bring to the surface what can be seen and heard to integrate and accept who you really are.