Dearmouring was for me personally the way back to myself. Never before had I experienced something that had such immediate results. Emotions, old traumas, the inability to receive, all my blockages were released, I was allowed to be myself.

Dearmouring not only works on our body but also on a mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. At the start of this lies that we build armor throughout our lives. Armor that we store in our body, resulting in blockages.

In a de-armouring session I take you in a sacred space on a journey to within. In this space everything is really welcome, sadness, anger, fear, desire, in short everything that could be prevented may be seen.

Your body is a memory that stores old traumas retained in the tissue. Major traumas from childhood, but also subtle little things from everyday life like stress, burn-out, (old) emotions, transgressive behavior. The body tends to hold these tensions like a cramp. The free flow of energy flowing through the body then becomes blocked. This hinders us to fully enjoy life and to be in our power.

In my dearmouring sessions i use breathwork, movement and sound. Together, these are a wonderful way to help you transform from what you keep struggling with.

Our emotional level is connected to our pain body. In this we store all the emotional traumas, stress or burnouts that we have experienced in our lives. On an emotional level, there can be many releases during or after a dearmouring.

Our energy body is related to our life force energy or kundalini energy. A dearmouring ensures that your life energy starts flowing again or better.

I don't cause pain during a session, but just place my hand where it already hurts. That's a big difference. I guide you through that pain so that you can be freed from it. If there's something in your life that you just can't seem to change, dearmouring can be a really great way to transform it.

  • live from your core

  • connect with what lives inside you

  • release tension, emotions and traumas

  • bring balance to your body and mind

  • feel your body again

  • increase love for yourself

  • recognize your limits

  • let your life energy flow