Een belangrijk deel van ons leven is
intimiteit en aangeraakt worden.

I will guide you in rediscovering your relaxed, lively, powerful and natural sensuality.

It is sometimes not easy to find your way in a culture where there is so much confusion about sensuality, touch, setting boundaries and shame. We are not properly taught how to communicate our desires to our partner or to the outside world without creating confusion or disappointment.

This fundamental way of communication helps you express your freedom, boundaries, sexuality and desires in relationships with others and yourself. For me personally it was a path of openness and relaxation, of learning to enjoy my body again and face my fears. I had built so many walls and defenses out of fear, shame and failure that I had slowly accepted that I could live without intimacy

An fundemental part of our lives is intimacy and being touched.

I only realized how wrong I was at a consent workshop, where I could feel how important being touched is. And intimacy, connection, feeling loved all that I had hidden came to the surface. How my nervous system relaxed when touched and how much I had missed intimacy! it's such an important part to feel good about yourself and function well, it feels nice to be wanted it triggers something in us and life suddenly seems so much better than yesterday.

Yes this is about sensuality and sexuality but also about so much more, and what is wrong with your own sensual pleasure. This is about taking steps toward setting your boundaries, learning to say no, and growing toward better relationships and intimacy with yourself.

  • make authentic requests

  • how do i communicate my desires

  • what are my limits

  • how do i get what i need

  • what are my shadow sides

  • connect with your own sensual source