Practice making requests based on Somatic Consent

Wat is een consentlab

ConsentLab is an experiential workshop to practice the dynamics taught in the SOMATIC CONSENT Engagement System.

A 4 hour workshop with intro and consent games, in a facilitated safe and closed circle, based on consent and agreed agreements.

FLOW OF THE EVENING: The intro is playful, we get to know each other, learn the dynamics of consent and communication tools to allow you to make requests while respecting the limits for yourself and others.

SETUP: We sit in a circle and make authentic requests, e.g. “Would you like to massage my back for 10 minutes” if the other person wants you to go to the side of the room and get what you agreed to, nothing more, but maybe less if one of you chooses that during the action. After the appointed time is up, come back into the circle and continue making or receiving requests. We end with a debriefing of the experience and share what you have learned.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: There may be nudity, sensual and sexual dynamics in the room during the Lab. There is no requirement or obligation to accept or make any requests. However, your participation in the ConsentLab assumes your consent to attend if others do. No intercourse or exchange of bodily fluids will be allowed during the lab.

The somatic consent framework allows you to expertly and authentically accept or reject a request.