learn to transform your anger

Hoe angerwork ons kan bevrijden

Being angry is a sin they sometimes say, nowadays anger or being angry is not accepted in our society. However, expressing our anger in a constructive way is very important and a part of us. Precisely by expressing our anger in a safe setting, we often get to the cause of our destructive feeling, that layer deeper where often the source of our anger, frustration, arguing and pent-up emotions can be found. In an anger work session I will work with you to express your anger and convert the energy into gentle relaxation, without judgment and from the heart.

Anger is an emotion that can arise in a person who is thwarted or opposed, when his or her "territory" is invaded, or when his or her boundaries are crossed. Anger can be expressed in words (swearing, yelling) or in actions in the form of physical or emotional violence.

Mild forms of anger are indicated by words such as annoyance, irritability or irritation. Moderate forms with the terms anger, anger and wrath. And stronger forms with tantrums, tantrums, or rage.

An angry person may express this anger in a wild and unfocused way, such as yelling or hitting, but may also deliberately engage in conflict and attempt to remove the threat or obstacles. However, the anger can also be withheld and hoarded. The anger can also be expressed in a non-conflictual way. When someone shows his anger in a subtle way over a longer period of time and thereby avoids direct conflicts, this is called passive-aggressive behavior. When anger is accompanied by aggression (physical or verbal), it can be directed against other persons, organizations or sometimes objects (eg computer aggression). People often try to vent anger in this way. The anger can also be directed at one's own person, for example if he or she believes he or she has done something unwise or bad.

Engaging in this emotion takes self-control and acceptance that there is often more to it than just being angry, annoyed, or furious. The aim is to get to the source of your anger because the reason is often the solution aswell. By going into the emotions and repressed expressions behind the anger, the possibility of transformation of the energy arises.

During the session, you will be pushed and triggered to express your anger physically and verbally to step into your power, reassume your place and resume control of whatever you choose to confront.