Speak now or forever hold your peace

Speaking our truth is in my opinion one of the best things we can do everyday. There is so much power in owning and speaking your truth.

Neil Garrett, Stephanie C Lazzaro & Tali Sharot from the department of Experimental Psychology at the University College of London wanted to know what exactly happens in the brain when we lie. What they concluded was that our brain adapts to dishonesty over time. When dishonesty or lying happened the amygdala centre in the brain would light up. At first the participants would have a feeling of shame or judgement for lying. But if participants would repeat the same lie over and over again the amygdala centre would desensitize over time making them feeling less shame and making lying more easy.

In a sense by not speaking our truth we give away our power. We can feel uneasy trapped or scared when we want speak our truth. Will i be accepted ? What will the think of me ? what if speaking my truth hurts someone else? Those mind loops can go on and on and really make it hard to have a clear mind to think and act. The polyvagal nerves system switches gears and there is a possibility we shift to the sympathetic or the fight or flight centre of our nervous system. It is really difficult To be able to speak the truth we have to be in the ventral vagal part of our nervous system where we feel safe, connected, able to communicate, happy, openhearted and engaging. And i think the only way to be your true self in that space is to speak your truth.

I desire your truth i need it. Brave, honest and naked thats the commitment i long for in my sessions. I am not asking for the face you put on every day or the person who you think you have to be. I don’t ask for who you are to others i am asking for your truth. I want to meet you in the centre from where you are living and i am living. To see and feel each other with a deeper understanding of each others lives and truths.

If your truth might hurt me tell me.If you want to tell me something but you are scared ? Tell me you are scared and tell me anyway.If i hurt you tell me if i make you laugh tell me. If you can take me into your deepest truth i can handle it, i can take the hurt , i can even love it.

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