about sense your body


Since I started my journey of personal and spiritual development my life has only become more beautiful and deeper, curious to fully live I continue to develop and educate myself in various subjects and training in the field of consioussnes, bodywork, somatic consent, coaching, tantra and emotional release counselling.

I love to explore unknown areas, make new connections and share a little love with the world because we could all use a little more of that.

Ik Ben al een aantal jaren vaste assistent spaceholder en regelneef bij verschillende traningen o.a. van The gaia method ontwikkeld door Sussane Roursgaard En Dearmouring Arts ontwikkeld door De’an matuka en Sanna Sanita en werk ook regelmatig samen met sanna tijdens haar persoonlijke retreats en trainingen wat een weelde aan kennis en ervaring met zich mee heeft gebracht.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and my work with everyone in a way with the goal of transformation and personal growth for individuals, couples and groups.


De-armouring trainers training level 1 / 2 / 3 / 4   By Sanna Sannita en De’an Matuka. 

De-armouring  training DEBST Method  Full body & Sexual healing by Susanne Rousgaard

Wheel of Consent training by Betty Martin

Consentlab Facillitator & somatic consent pratictioner by Matthias Schwentech

Somatic consent practitioner

Multiple years of experience in spaceholding and functioning as a liasion for retreats and workshops