The driving force behind Sense your body is Marco. Curious about everything and with an open heart he walks through life. Born and raised in Friesland the netherlands, sober, but looking beyond the horizon. Clogs with a touch of spirituality you could say, inspired by nature, books, yoga, spirituality, bodywork and heart to heart connections. Has mastered this wonderful way of working through multiple courses and educations continuously studying every year further and deeper into this wonderful method.

Trainingen en cursussen:

  • De-armouring trainers training level 1 / 2 / 3 by Susanne Rousgaard, Sanna Sannita en De’An Matuka.
  • De-armouring training DEBST Method – Susanne Rousgaard
  • Tantric/shamanic De-armouring level 1 by FR facilitator
  • Wheel of Consent training

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Contact & prizes
Coaching session 1.5 hour : € 100
De-armouring session 2 hours : € 140
De-armouring discount 3 sessions : € 370