what is De-armouring freedom through expression

Are you out of contact with your body?, do you find it difficult to express your emotions or to listen to your heart? Do you want to make a deeper connection with yourself, free from patterns and barriers that keep you from being your authentic self? Do you long for a soft, open, sensitive body, free from tension and blockages. Then a De-armouring session can be something for you.

De-armouring not only works on the physical level, but also on the mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual level. The basis for this is that our body stores armor in muscles, skin tissue and organs, resulting in physical and existential pain.

We create armor through negative thoughts that separate us from our full potential, blockages in our energy body make us tired and listless. We form emotional armor that causes our heart to close down and we are unable to connect, often we think to stay in a safe bubble where nothing can touch us then we have no pain, but in the end that is no way of life so cut off from connection with the world.

When we apply de-armouring to the body, we restore connection with our true beiing and with our greater and deeper purpose within, we get to know ourselves again.

Are you willing to look deep into yourself, stay present and take responsibility for your own life? Do you long for a soft juicy body, free from tension, blockages and stored trauma? A body where your life energy-sexual energy can flow freely and are in contact with. That you may experience how your body flourishes in a safe setting and with the deepest respect, slowly and lovingly to its full potential, then I look forward to seeing you in person.

  • Living from your core
  • Connect to what lives inside you
  • Release tension, emotions and traumas
  • Bring balance to your body and mind
  • To feel your body again
  • Increasing self love
  • recognize your boundaries
  • Let your life energy flow

testimonials freedom through expression

  • ''My dear little inner girl, yes you are aloud be there. I hear you I see you and this time I will stay to listen. How much protection do you need? when do you feel safe enough to come out. Can I handle it? Yes I can, lovingly inviting and carefully letting you go outside. My body screams and bursts into resistance! a hand warm .. loving .. soft .. helping to admit that I don't have to do it alone. And then space is created, space to feel that I am ok, when I cry when I fight when I allow to be a woman to be soft to be me. Purely loving and healing was the session I received from you! Thank you Marco for your warmth safe bed and support for the femininity within me. "

  • "With Marco I felt as a woman in safe hands. It creates a safe environment, feels pure and is exactly where it is needed. Both in words and physically he navigated me deeper within myself. He works tuned in and from love. The session gave me a very nice insight. For the first time I could really feel the pain of an emotionally unavailable father. That part has now been seen and now the healing can begin. Thank you Marco."

  • "I met Marco at a de-armouring retreat (with Susanne Roursgaard) in Denmark. Because I am a beginner in that world, I quickly came in contact with Marco because I felt safe and relaxed around him. I was impressed by how thoughtful and dedicated he is while keeping the sacred space and respecting the intense process that de-armouring can bring. Marco also understands the importance of sharing his own vulnerabilities with honesty, because it gave me the strength to be more transparent towards myself. Thank you for starting this journey!"

  • ''My session with Marco were in a moment of my life when my body was blocked and closed in a strong hard shell. Was easy not to feel but the shell around my heart was stopping me to breath, feel, be. In my session with Marco i have worked on my heart Armour and he hold the most safe, loving space, full of presence so i can drop in. It was such a powerful session where i felt safe to express many words and emotions that were trapped inside of me. I am very thankful to Marco for allowing and holding me into a space where i could be total and find the inner resolution and peace. After the session i felt very grounded and awake. Love&Gratitude''

  • I was totally unknown with DE-ARMOURING until I found the site of Marco. I immediately felt that this was meant for me, I had no doubt whatsoever, but I did find it a little exciting. At Marco I immediately felt familiar and safe. He gives peace, confidence, attention and respect. Finally I can open myself to the vulnerable me, the hidden emotions and other blockages. What a session brings to me I find overwhelmingly so much feeling, pain and emotion. After a session I feel free, light, strengthened and curious about what else will come my way, I can handle it! Looking forward to the next session, to be able to let go and feel and discover myself again.
    Thank you Marco, for your confidence and that you have come my way!


about me
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The driving force behind Sense your body is Marco. Curious about everything and with an open heart he walks through life. Born and raised in Friesland the netherlands, sober, but looking beyond the horizon. Clogs with a touch of spirituality you could say, inspired by nature, books, yoga, spirituality, bodywork and heart to heart connections. Has mastered this wonderful way of working through multiple courses and educations continuously studying every year further and deeper into this wonderful method.

Trainingen en cursussen:

  • De-armouring trainers training level 1/2/3/4 by Susanne Roursgaard, Sanna Sannita en De’An Matuka.
  • De-armouring vervolg training DEBST Method – Susanne Roursgaard
  • Tantric/shamanic De-armouring level 1 by FR facilitator
  • Wheel of Consent training

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Coaching session 1.5 hour : € 100
De-armouring session 2 hours : € 140
De-armouring discount 3 sessions : € 370